Guangdong (International) Hotel Management Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Guangdong International) is an international hotel management group member to Guangdong Holdings Limited (GD Holdings). It has reached the largest scale overseas among all comprehensive enterprise groups in China’s Guangdong Province. Founded in the mid-1980s, Guangdong International has developed into a strong group managing dozens of hotels throughout Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, the Central Plains, Southwest and other regions of China.

 Adhering to the corporate culture "integrity, honesty, and efficiency" and service concept "where sincerity and courtesy meet", Guangdong International boasts an outstanding management style combining international standards with Chinese characteristics. In addition to its modern enterprise management philosophy, Guangdong International fosters talents with considerate care as well as exacting standards. It devotes to professional, individual and diversified innovative service and management, continuously deepens its cultural connotation, and achieves resource complementarity and customer sharing among member hotels by collectivization and catenation. Thus creating prominent competitive strength and profitability.Armed with these advantages, Guangdong International has profited all the member hotels even in such a fiercely competitive hotel industry. It has sharply preserved and increased appreciation of the value of hotel assets. At the same time Guangdong International has been active in exploring the dual driving pattern linked by capital. It faithfully executes the principle "No Quality No Scale; No Brand No Development", and is now a domestically celebrated hotel management group, featuring its capacity in investment, finance and operation.

At present, all member hotels of Guangdong International have been leading among the same star rating hotels in their area in terms of average prices, occupancy rate, operating margin, customer satisfaction and other indicators. Consequently Guangdong International makes itself the leader in the industry that succeeds in maintaining & appreciating asset value as well as creating social and economic benefits.

The Local Chinese Hotel Group Development Report has pointed out: "Guangdong International and several other groups prove their strong growth by successfully re-expanding rapidly on their original large-scale bases. What’s more, they basically completed their national layouts on the Internet. Guangdong International meanwhile highlighted the most sufficient centralized training time for its expatriate team at headquarters. As a result, it boasted a low key staff turnover rate which would be conducive to the consistency of its output management in the future. Regarding profitability, brand influence, group management & control, stability of contract management and so forth, Guangdong International is proudly among the best. "