Position: Hotel Financial Manager

Job Function: Full-time Working Place: Nationwide
Vacancy: 2people Age Requirements: 28-45 years old
Working Experience: 3 years and above Experience Language Capability: Fluent Mandarin, Proficient English
Residence: No preference Computer Capability: Skillful



1. College degree or above in Finance & Accounting major, qualified with medium-level Accountant Certificate or above,  minimum 8 years’ related working experience and minimum 1 year’s working experience at 4/5-star hotels as Financial Manager;

2. Proficient in the hotel financial systems and business, including financial accounting, management, analysis and forecasting, be familiar with national financial laws, tax policy, accounting processing methods and financial management procedure, skilled in using financial software;

3. Good professional ethics and dedication, strong sense of responsibility and integrity;

4. Detail oriented, good at leadership and teamwork;

5. Skilled at office software, especially financial management software, good at English;

6. Adapted to nationwide regional assignment.